What is Yoga? | Yoga Benefits For Health | Weight Loss Yoga Poses for Beginners

The onset of the COVID pandemic marked the beginning of the Yoga trend around the globe. Thousands of people, including many celebrities, took to social media to share their yoga postures, practices and shared weight loss poses for beginners. There are immense yoga benefits for health. According to a recent survey, practicing Yoga has tremendously […]

4 Hobbies to learn at home | Younker, a hobby class in Pune

Due to the deadliest COVID pandemic waves, working from home has been a new normal for most of us. We are more familiar with spending our days at home. To come out of the boredom, seeking to do something new that can add some enjoyment to our daily schedule.  How about learning something new? No, […]

Unleash the power and need of hobby classes | Younker, an activity class in Pune

“When your life brings you down, your hobbies bring you up!!” Hobbies are a most crucial part of our lives and help us grow as a person. In the chaotic world, a hobby helps you relax your mind and be more productive.  Having a hobby is very necessary for an individual to grace themselves. A [...]

Benefits of Hobby classes | Why should you go for Hobby classes?

 “Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby”                       ~George Bernard Shaw There are many benefits of hobby classes which an individual can should enjoy by joining the hobby classes. Let's go through the basic of "Hobby", "What are hobbies?", "hobby [...]

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