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The contemporary world is driven by technology and Robotics is a product of this rapid progression. Robotics is the intersection of science, engineering, and technology for producing robots, that substitute or replicate human actions. With the advent of newer technological inventions, the scope of Robotics has widened even further. The evolution of this field can be seen from the fact that, in 2005, 90% of all robots could be found assembling cars in automotive factories. From there till today, robots can practically be found doing the simplest to the most complex human tasks.

The recent evolution in this field witnessed the development, creation, and usage of bots that explored Earth’s harshest conditions, assisted law-enforcement and assisted in almost every facet of healthcare. Robots are especially popular in today’s fast-paced world as they surpass human constraints of time, energy, effort, and quality of work. Robots are used across various sectors given their consistency and efficiency to get the job done. They are also used in military forces to help counter some of the challenges that soldiers face in the field. On the 26th of November, 2011, the Curiosity Rover was launched to mars. This is one of the cases where robots have been used for research.

So, all in all, Robotics has seeped into every aspect of our lives right from fighting at the war front to doing simple household chores. Given the multi-utility and applications of this field, it can be an extremely rewarding career option for new-age kids and adults. For those of you who want to gain futuristic knowledge in robotics and enhance your program skills, Younker Activity Hub has the perfect program for you! You can choose from a diverse spectrum of innovative and interactive programs in Robotics. Take a look at our comprehensive programs:

20 Sessions Program
Topics Covered


8 Sessions

SPRITE LAB ( and ARTIST LabDrag and drop function, block coding, commands, sequencing, events, time and direction, soundsStudents will learn basic programming constructs like commands, sequencing and get comfortable with drag and drop function. They will get familiarized with Sprites and various code blocks in Sprite Lab. They will also use the concept of time and direction with the help of various exercises.


6 Sessions

ADVANCE SPRITE LAB ( and DANCE PARTYMoving forward with events, location orientation, conditional statements, critical thinking, comments, print statements, measures and logic buildingStudents will move forward with more exercises, use events in different ways, understand the application of time and direction with the help of various activities. They will learn rotation and get an idea about degrees and pixels. They will also start writing more structured code and understand the usage of comments.


6 Sessions

PLAY LAB ( and ARTIST LabUnderstanding Loops, variables, declaration and initialization, addition and subtraction operatorsThe students will be introduced to Play Lab and get started with variables and arithmetic operators and use it in different projects. They will be understanding loops and will be performing various operations on them. The students will improve their mathematical and reasoning abilities in this module.

8 Session, 44 Sessions, 92 sessions




Rising Coding Star
(8 Classes)
Coding Champion
(44 Classes)
Coding Prodigy
(92 Classes)
  • Course- Foundation of Coding
  • Course- Game and app development


  • Course- Advanced coding and game development


  • Learnings- Sequencing & Algorithms, Run-time inputs, Events and Sprite lab
  • Learning- Animation effects, App development, Basic Javascript, and Internet Security
  • Learnings- Functions, Cryptography, Debugging, and Python with turtles
  • Activities- 16+ activities and 1 Quiz
  • Activities- 100+ activities and 8 quizzes
  • Activities- 184+ activities and 15 quizzes
  • Benefits- Game development and logic building
  • Benefits- Critical thinking and app development
  • Benefits- Analytical skills and student project
  • Achievements- Rising Coding Star Certificate and lifetime community access
  • Achievements- Coding Champion Certificate, lifetime community access, and internship opportunities for top performers
  • Achievements- Coding Prodigy Certificate, lifetime community access, scholarships for top 5 performers, and goodies.

Benefits Of Learning Robotics At Younker Activity Hub

  • Develops Logical Thinking
  • Develops Analytical Skills, Computational Thinking Skills
  • Knowledge about basic Animation Sequencing and Algorithm Game Development
  • Various activities and competitions to build projects, test skills and win prizes

Want to unleash the talented programmer in you? Get in touch with our experts today! Join our community of 2000+ learners and gain a once in a lifetime experience! You can avail our learning facilities both online and offline!

Dive into the world of Robotics and explore endless opportunities with Younker Activity Hub!

  • Practical lessons
  • Flexible timing
  • Comfort learning
  • International curriculum
  • Small batch sizes
  • Individual attention
  • Qualified faculty
  • Sharpen your hobbies
  • Unique lessons 
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