Do you know how the word, ‘society’ originated? The word is a derivation of the French word Societe, which came from the Latin word societas meaning ‘a friendly association with others’.

Sense of belonging
Participation in the activities of their community brings an individual a host of personal benefits. Such activities can provide an experience to the individual that is always deeply moving- it may be unsettling to some, delightful to a few, and inspiring to others, but its impact is always deep, wondrous, and great. It creates a sense of belonging that few other activities will bring; for instance, an expatriate will feel the pull of their roots when they come into contact with the traditional food of their culture. It is only by participating in a culture that an individual can forge an identity of their own; instead of completely merging with the homogeneous society that globalization is constantly threatening us with, an individual can create a unique niche for themselves.

Promotes mental health
Participation in Social activities is important for the mental well being of an individual. For instance, a person who has migrated to a different country/state in India is likely to feel lost and alienated at first. However, the scope of being able to mingle with people of their own culture, as well as participating in some unique cultural activities like a dance form or cooking can help in mitigating isolation and feel more at home. Similarly, participating in the cultural activities of the country they have moved to also help expatriates alleviate their loneliness and better equipped to embrace the reality of being in a different country without feeling like a fish out of water. The emotional well being this scope of socialization brings has far-reaching effects on the mental, physical, and financial prosperity of an individual. This is especially true for older adults who have a hard time integrating into an alien culture.

Promotes physical health
Participation in cultural activities promotes the health and overall well being of an individual and a society at large. This is because governments in various countries are taking more and more steps to integrate cultural considerations into their healthcare systems, understanding that the

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