Checkmate your fear of learning Chess and make your best move!

Chess is one of the oldest and the most popular board games, that’s played around the world. Used as a recreational game originally, it has evolved into being a successful career option for many. On a global scale too, Chess has gained prominence due to various World Championships and competitions. Even though a chessboard is a common sight in most of our houses, this game remains to be a mystery for many due to its complicated structure. But if learnt systematically under expert guidance, this game has the potential to benefit us in a number of ways.

Some key benefits of chess include:

  • Chess contributes to one’s cognitive development greatly
  • It is a great alternative to video games and other electronics
  • Chess improves focus, strategic thinking, and farsightedness
  • Helps develop memory, concentration and planning skills
  • Besides this, it aids in overcoming many physical and psychological issues
Younker Activity Hub

Creating Chess Masters Through Holistic Training

Younker Activity Hub is a creative learning space for people from all age groups to enhance their skills and develop their hobbies. We focus on improving an individual’s interpersonal skills through various hobby classes under one roof. Be it Yoga, music, dance, art, cooking, or learning foreign languages, we have got you covered with our specially curated classes!

For those of you who want to develop your chess playing skills and be a chess master, we have got just the best-suited course for you! The course is designed in a way to nurture your raw talent and transform it into basic or professional chess playing. This 3-month course is designed for beginners with a step-by-step training guide. The Study Material is designed by Senior National Arbiter (SNA). Our trainers are extremely talented chess geniuses with extensive training experience. Check out our chess syllabus for beginners!

Month -1
Month -3
  • 1st Class: The Introduction to chess game -Types of the game – opening – Middlegame – End game
  • 1st Class: Tactics – Back Rank Mate


  • 1st Class: Draw – By Repetition and Stalemate


  • 2nd Class: Introduction for Opening – Opening Task – Types of pieces – Role of the pieces
  • 2nd Class: Tactics – The Decoy Sacrifice – The Deflection
  • 2nd Class: Smothered Mate
  • 3rd Class: Introduction to the special move in the chess – Castling – Types of Castling – Rules of the castling – En- passant – Rule of enpassant
  • 3rd Class: Tactics -The Overloaded Pieces
  • 3rd Class: Endgames – the Concept Of opposition
  • 4th Class: Introduction to Basic matting pattern -1 -Double Rook checkmate – One Queen checkmate – One Rook checkmate
  • 4th Class: Tactics -Destroying the defection
  • 4th Class: Endgames – The Berger’s Rule of the Square
  • 5th Class: Introduction to Middlegame – Two eyes of the middlegame – Tactics – Strategy
  • 5th Class: Tactics – Square Vacation
  • 5th Class: Endgames -The King and pawn endings
  • 6th Class: Introduction to Tactics – The Pin and The Skewer
  • 6th Class: Tactics- X- Ray Attack
  • 6th Class: Endgames -The Concept of Triangulation
  • 7th Class: Tactics – The Knight Fork and Double attack
  • 7th Class: Tactics – Windmills
  • 7th Class: Endgame -Queen verse Rook
  •    8th Class: Tactics – The Discovered Attack and The Discovered Check
  • 8th Class: Tactics – Zwischenzug -The intermediate Move
  • 8th Class: Endgame – Bishop and pawn versus

Want to develop your chess playing skills through a course that’s curated by experts? Join our community of 2000+ learners today and gain an experience worth a lifetime! You can avail our learning facilities both online and offline!

Younker Activity Hub, chess training simplified!

  • Practical lessons
  • Flexible timing
  • Comfort learning
  • International curriculum
  • Small batch sizes
  • Individual attention
  • Qualified faculty
  • Sharpen your hobbies
  • Unique lessons 
Why enroll with us ?
  • We help you with basics and pro learning
  • Specially designed hobby classes for childrens, housewives and working professionals
  • Offline or Online classes as per your convenience
  • Unique lessons curated by in-house experts
  • Highly qualified and well experienced Faculty
at Yonker Academy Hub
Our Team
Our Team at Yonker Academy Hub
Dr. Alka Parwate - Yoga Trainer at Younker Activity Hub

Dr. Alka Parwate

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Language - Soumya, German Trainer at Younker Activity Hub


[German Trainer]
Riya, Katthak Trainer at Younker Activity Hub


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