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Relax with this chair yoga flow and de-stress instantly

Yoga poses are modified to perform sitting in a chair; a practice is called chair yoga. With these modifications, yoga can be accessible to those who are unable to stand, are unable to move quickly between standing, seated, and prone positions, or need a quick break from their daily routine.

It is still possible to perform many postures using the same basic body mechanics. It is possible to twist, stretch, bend forward, and make mild backbends while sitting on chairs. Aside from getting a good stretch, chair yoga can benefit participants in various ways, including improving muscle tone and breathing habits and decreasing stress, sleep, and overall wellness.


The Best Chair for Yoga

Because chair yoga is a form of adaptability, the chair you use shouldn’t matter; you don’t need to buy a specialized yoga chair. It is not recommended to use chairs with wheels as they are unstable, but most other chairs will work. To give yourself a firm foundation, place blocks or a folded yoga mat under your feet if you are short.

Here is a few Chair yoga poses you can do from the comfort of your chair.


Chair Extended Side Angle – Utthita Parsvakonasana

Touch the floor with your left fingertips on the outside of your left foot. Place a block under your left hand or on your left knee if it is difficult to reach the floor with your left hand.

Taking a deep breath, twist your chest to the right, bringing your right arm up and gazing up at the ceiling as you exhale. You are in an extended side-angle pose from a chair. Take several deep breaths here. As you exhale, lower your right arm.

You can do the same by lowering your right arm and raising your left arm.


Chair Pigeon – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Keeping your left knee aligned with your ankle, rest your right ankle on your left thigh. Take three to five deep breaths while holding this chair pigeon.

The stretch can be intensified by forward bending. Do the same with your left leg.


Chair Eagle – Garudasana

The Eagle pose involves crossing your right thigh over your left thigh. Put your right foot around your left calf as tightly as you can.

At the elbow, cross your left arm over your right arm. The palms of your hands should touch as you bend the elbows.

Drop your shoulders away from your ears while lifting your elbows. Breathe in and out three to five times.

Continue on the other side as well.


Reverse Warrior

As you inhale, let the left arm come down the left leg and the right arm rise up to the ceiling. Take three deep breaths.

Before sitting sideways on the chair facing left, bring both legs to the front and practice the three warrior poses on the left side.


Final Relaxation: Chair Savasana

Close your eyes and place your hands in your lap at the end of your practice. As you sit in savasana, the positive effects of the poses you have completed will begin to penetrate your body.


On days when your inbox is packed to the brim, your MIL won’t stop bugging you about that family trip you were supposed to book weeks ago, and you can’t stop reaching for the bowl of chocolate; there’s hope.

Yoga can help you stretch and unwind if you practice it correctly. Your stress will melt away with these five easy yoga moves so, you can join best yoga classes online at Younkers. What’s even better? The exercises can be done in the comfort of your chair.



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