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5 Tips for English Fluency | Speak English with Fluency

You will no longer be afraid to talk and express yourself in English. You will be able to speak English with fluency. Follow our course on tips for English Fluency!

You might have come across many such advertisements on various social media handles that yell out the same ancient practices to speak English with Fluency. But have any of these courses or programs for English speaking practice helped you achieve the goal to speak English with fluency? 

I doubt they have. 

Many English learners fail to be fluent in the language because they never train themselves properly. English is just like another subject that needs attention, time and effort. 

English is an international language, and almost every industry expects you to be good at it. But, learning English doesn’t necessarily make you good to speak English with fluency. There are thousands of people who are good at writing and reading, but they mess it all up when interacting in English. 

To speak English with fluency, you must be able to think spontaneously. Aligning your thoughts with the use of appropriate words and phrases, structuring the sentences in your mind before delivering your ideas, and shooting questions with correct question tags, everything is a subset of Speak English with Fluency.

In this article, we share our 5 insane tips that will help you to speak English with Fluency and build confidence while speaking in English. 


1) Learn To Listen – Best tips for English Fluency 


You can never be a good speaker if you are not a good listener. 

"Listen to others" is the best tips for English fluency







If you want to speak English with fluency, this is essential. The more you listen, the more you will find it easier to speak English. 

Listening helps you know new words, idioms, phrases and their use in the English language. Listening also enlightens you with the correct pronunciation of complex or unfamiliar words. 

When you listen to a particular speaker time, and again, you get used to the way they speak and consequently, you start speaking more fluently and comfortably. 

You can listen to, 

  • Podcasts
  • Radio Shows
  • Music
  • Commentary
  • TV Shows, etc

You should start making this a daily ritual of your schedule. Even if you take aside 15 minutes of your routine to listen to any of the resources mentioned by us, it will do wonders for you. This is the best tip for English speaking practice.


2) Talk To Yourself & Speak English with Fluency


This is my favorite practice when it comes to improving English Fluency. People might have told you that talking with good speakers improves your language, but how does talking with yourself help?

Talk with yourself to speak english with Fluency






Oh, trust me, it will help a lot, and I will prove that. 

When you talk with yourself, you become conscious about the words you use, about the pauses, idioms, exclamations, etc., you use it for English speaking practice. This has a more significant impact on your fluency and command. 

You can practice this by standing in front of the mirror and speaking straight for a few minutes. Once you end up with this exercise, you can note down your mistakes and improvise in the next turn. 

Practicing this daily will significantly help you to speak English with fluency and make you a better speaker.


3) Tongue Twisters


Tongue Twisters are one of the most fun-loving tips for English fluency. Tongue Twisters are a great way to improve flow and speed. 

You might be good at speaking English, but if you take a lot of pauses while speaking, it doesn’t make you fluent at it. Tongue Twisters help you to tackle this problem and help you to speak English with fluency.

It hardly takes a minute to practice a tongue twister. You can try it while traveling, while eating, while exercising, anytime, anywhere. 

We have picked some exciting tongue twisters for you: 

  • She sells seashells by the seashore
  • Tom threw Tim three thumbtacks
  • Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers
  • Fred fed Ted bread, and Ted fed Fred bread
  • Betty Botter bought some butter

Go ahead and challenge yourself with these tongue twisters for English speaking practice.


4) Learn 5 new words daily


A fluent speaker is one who is able to use appropriate words while speaking. For using the right words, you must have a diverse vocabulary. 

Increase your Vocabulary - Best tips for English Fluency








So, to increase your vocabulary, you must learn new words. You can find words in newspaper articles, social media posts, books, etc. 

Whenever you come across a new word, search the meaning of the word and note it down in your diary. This will help you remember the words you have come across and thus add to your glossary. 

If you do this with just 5 words daily, you will have over 150 new words that you can use while speaking at the end of a month. 

These are the best tips for English fluency and to improve your vocabulary simultaneously!


5) Face Your Fear


Many people often fear speaking in public. This affects their communication and speaking skills. 

Face your English fears for English speaking practice








If you aspire to be a fluent English speaker, you must frequently go out and speak in front of people. 

You should participate in debates, elocution competitions etc. to put forward your opinions. The only way to overcome your fear is to face it and speak English with fluency.

Fluency comes when you practice this consistently daily. You must actively participate in team projects, discussions and voice your suggestions for English speaking practice.

The more you dive into such activities, the better you will be at English speaking!


These are some tips for English fluency which can help you in improving your English speech, but they are not sufficient. 

Speak English with Fluency by practicing it daily







To be good at anything, one needs professional training and guidance. Younker Activity Hub, a co-curricular activity class, has English classes which will not only teach you about grammar and vocabulary, but they also introduce you to pronunciations, phrases, proverbs, etc. All these are crucial aspects to speak English with fluency. 

Benefits of our English course are:

  1. Professional training and assistance 
  2. One-one interaction with the tutor for all your doubts
  3. Consistent learning approach and practical applications
  4. Multiple oratory sessions to improve fluency 
  5. Regular assignments to keep you on track with the syllabus
  6. Interactive sessions with your peers
  7. Debates, discussions, and much more

Our Younker Activity Hub courses are professionally designed to bring the most out of you!

Younker Activity Hub is a leading company providing a wide range of courses to help people learn and earn by practicing new skills.  

To know more about the course and many more, check out our website

Happy learning!!


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