Madhubani Art Classes

Come and discover the amazing world of Madhubani art through our fun online classes made just for kids. Let your child’s creativity shine as they learn about this special art style from India right at home. Our teachers are experts and will show them how to make the beautiful patterns and tell stories with their art, just like they do in Madhubani painting.

Kids will have a great time learning with interactive lessons where they’ll find out cool techniques, play with colors, and make their own awesome art. It doesn’t matter if your child loves drawing or wants to know about different cultures – our online Madhubani classes are exciting and will help them learn art and culture together. Join us to start a colorful journey of creativity and tradition!

  • Practical lessons
  • Flexible timing
  • Comfort learning
  • International curriculum
  • Offline batches are unavailable currently
Why enroll with us ?
  • We help you with basics and pro learning of art forms
  • Specially designed hobby classes for childrens, housewives and working professionals
  • Online classes as per your convenience
  • Unique lessons curated by in-house experts
  • Highly qualified and well experienced Faculty

Online Madhubani Art Classes

Discover Online Madhubani Art Classes for kids at YounkerHubClasses! Let creativity bloom with guided lessons by expert instructors. Uncover the beauty of traditional Indian art from the comfort of home. Join us to paint a colorful journey of culture and imagination

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Our Team
Our Team at Yonker Academy Hub
Dr. Alka Parwate - Yoga Trainer at Younker Activity Hub

Dr. Alka Parwate

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Language - Soumya, German Trainer at Younker Activity Hub


[German Trainer]
Riya, Katthak Trainer at Younker Activity Hub


Nikkita - Art Trainer at Younker Activity Hub


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