This is something everyone likes to learn or perform even without learning or you say this is something we do for our happiness without accuracy.
We all enjoy any form of dance.
This is the only hobby you can opt to enjoy together as a couple or alone.
It connects everyone socially or personally.

But if you want to learn forms of dance at younkers we give you choices like Bollywood, Kathak, Bharatanatyam ( use anchor or, links for particular pages)
You have ample of reason to choose dance as your hobby or serious learning; it improves endless things in our body if we do it regularly; it improves heart and lungs, weight management, muscular strength, stronger bones, and reduced risk of osteoporosis.
The above-mentioned forms are available online and offline.

Our Team
[Our Speakers]
Dr. Alka Parwate - Yoga Trainer at Younker Activity Hub

Dr. Alka Parwate

[ Yoga Trainer]
Language - Soumya, German Trainer at Younker Activity Hub


[German Trainer]
Riya, Katthak Trainer at Younker Activity Hub


Nikkita - Art Trainer at Younker Activity Hub




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